Arthur Lewis Centenary Public Lecture and Mural Unveiling

18:30 - 20:00 23 September 2014

'The complex and changing world economy' by Professor Jim O'Neill world renowned Economist and Honorary Chair of Economics. Times and locations Unveiling of the Arthur Lewis Mural…

Manchester Postcolonial Atelier with Professor Jim O'Neill: 'The Complex and Changing World Economy'

14:30 - 15:30 23 September 2014

Atelier Series 2014: 'Development' The third Manchester Postcolonial Atelier offers the opportunity for the research community to enter into conversation with the world renowned economist…

Dying to be beautiful: The medical exception, culpable doctors and harmful enhancement? Alex Mullock and Danielle Griffiths

24 September 2014

Medical lawyer Alex Mullock of the School of Law and social scientist Danielle Griffiths ISEI provide a seminar on this subject - open to all.

Recognition, reduction and redistribution of unpaid work in the context of development (Devt@man seminar series)

16:30 - 18:00 24 September 2014

Devt@man seminar series: Recognition, reduction and redistribution of unpaid work in the context of development, Professor Diane Elson (University of Essex). Chaired by Tanja Bastia.…

SEED Annual Lecture - "The fabric of space: water, modernity and the urban imagination"

16:00 - 18:00 24 September 2014

The relationship between water and modernity is not the domain of just one or even a few disciplines: established areas of research in engineering, environmental history, and urban…

Religions, Environments & Popular Culture (Conference)

26 September 2014

2014, a year which sees the return of Noah to the big screen, began with a UKIP councillor claiming that the winter flooding was divine retribution for the legalisation of gay marriage.…